10 Frequently Asked Questions about Podcast Guesting

In this free webinar on podcast guesting, Graham Brown addresses 10 frequently asked questions about speaking on podcasts. If you have more questions, book a free 35 minute consultation with our team. And, for more tips on podcast guesting success, go to our podcast guesting resources.

  • Will podcast guesting work for me?
  • What podcasts can I speak on? (our free podcast finder tool can help you understand the kind of podcasts in your niche)
  • How do you measure the quality of podcasts? (for more on qualifying podcast data, see our how to get on podcasts section)
  • Is podcast guesting audio / video / live?
  • How do I focus on a specific industry or geographical region?
  • Can I share podcasts that I speak on, on my social channels, blog etc?
  • I have 2 different audiences, which should I focus on when speaking on podcasts? (we cover targeting in this article)
  • What should I talk about when speaking on podcasts?
  • How much time should I commit every month to podcast guesting for it to be successful?
  • Do you work with similar clients to me? (ref: see our case studies)

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About The Author Graham Brown

Graham Brown is the founder of Podcast Guesting Pro. Graham is a published author on the subject of Digital Communication and Personal Branding (Amazon titles include "Brand Love: How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About" and "Mobile Youth: Voices of the Connected Generation). He has produced, project managed and guested on over 2,000 podcast episodes.